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Magma is Hot

Rating: Probably R
Pairing: Well duh Toko
Summary: 7 years after the war, people meet up and things happen. Things are starting to get interesting!!!

Credits for the Character Designs of older Toph and Zuko go to CrimsonPumpkin on deviantart.com

(This is what Toph and Zuko look like in the fic)
(Get the picture people?)

Chapter 2: No Way…Collapse )

Magma is Hot

Rating: Probably R
Pairing: Well duh Toko
Summary: 7 years after the war, people meet up and things happen. This chapter is a little slow moving, more of an intro I guess

Credits for the Character Designs of older Toph and Zuko go to CrimsonPumpkin on deviantart.com

(This is what Toph and Zuko look like in the fic)
(Get the picture people?)

Chapter 1: Seven Years LaterCollapse )
Title: What Are You Reading?
Pairing: KangSung (KanginxYesung)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: short but well needed lol

Chapter 7: What Are You Reading?


                 Yesung had just arrived back from his recording and was home a lone. Sungmin had dragged Kangin to store for Sungmin purposes. He claims that he couldn’t bring Ryeowook because it was his time with Leeteuk, but we all know that that time isn’t until later.

                 Yesung sat quietly at his desk starring at the computer. In one hand he held a pencil and in the other a bologna and Frito sandwich. (Kangin had made it one day, and well it tasted pretty damn good). Yesung had been to get some ideas on what kind of foods he could cook. After all, he was sick and tired of relying on Kangin to make all the meals in the house.

                 “Aish, why is this so difficult?” Yesung slams his pencil down and starts to pull his hair. He had been at this for 2 hours and had not found a lot for recipes that he was capable of making, without burning the building down. Yesung sighed; he’d have to deal with what he had. “Well Ddangkoma I guess I’ll have to stop looking for now.” Yesung was about to turn off his computer when he realized that he had received an e-mail from Ryeowook.


From: Wookster13@aol.com

To: Cloud_Jongwoon@aol.com

Subject: LOL! Don’t kill me please!


                 Yesung opened the e-mail, and inside it held a link. Yesung being Yesung, opened said link. His computer screen flashed to a story, a fan fiction if you may.

                 “What is this? Some sort of story about me and Kangin.” Yesung’s curious eyes started to scan the page. “Why would I kill Wookie for this? Nothing’s happening.” Yesung scrolled up and down the page trying to find what is so bad about this story. He comes to a complete stop when his eyes fall upon one word, “cock”. “Why is this in here?” Finally, Yesung actually started to read the fic.

                 “Fuck just suck me off already!” Kangin grabbed the back of Yesung’s head and forced the older mans mouth onto his cock.

                 Yesung’s body tensed up. He felt his pants getting tighter.

                 The older man swirled his tongue around the head, playing with the slit before engulfing Kangin in his entirety.

                 Yesung ran his hand down his torso and to the button of his jeans. Ever so slowly, he undid his pants and let his hand slide down to him member. With the lightest of touches, Yesung started to stroke himself. His breath hitched every so often. “Ohh Kangin~” Yesung sped up the pace. His mouth hung open and his eyes were closed ever so slightly. He felt himself get harder, the pre cum leaked down his member and onto his hand. His mind kept flashing back to the image of Kangin, fucking all his senses right out of him. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Yesung felt his body tense up. He knew he was about to reach his climax when he heard the front door open and close.

                 “Yesung, I’m home! I finally convinced Sungmin to let me come back.” Yesung tried to swallow, but a lump formed in his throat.

                 “Damn it! Why now?”  He could hear the footsteps coming closer to his door.

                 “Sungie, you in here?” Yesung frantically buttoned up his pants and stood up just as the door opened. “Oh there you are.”

                 “Well yeah, where else would I be your room.” Yesung was out of breath and sweating. He tried to cover it up, but nothing gets past Kangin.

                 “Are you ok? You look like you just seen a ghost.” Kangin chuckled, all Yesung could do was give out a fake smile. The younger man looked over Yesung’s shoulder and saw that his computer screen was on. “What are you reading?” Yesung’s eyes shot opened, he had completely forgotten about the fan fic.

                 “Oh nothing it’s just a little story heh heh.”

                 “Oh really now?” Kangin started for the computer.

                 “NO!” Yesung ran into Kangin and their hips accidentally brushed against each other. Kangin just kept on walking, while Yesung fell to his knees due to the fact that he still had some excitement left in him.

                 “Ah you’re reading a fan fiction. I love reading these things.” Yesung stumbled to his feet and turned around.

                 “You actually read these things?!”

                 “Well sure, it’s fun to see what our fans think of us. Ah I’ve read this one before.” Yesung just stood there in awe. His mouth hung open while one eye twitched rather rapidly.

                 “You read these things!?” Kangin turned around.

                 “Again, yes I read these things. If you’re looking for more you and me stuff trying looking up YesungsWifey, Brainfagged, Yesunglover, or Dandanfung.” Kangin the brushed pass Yesung and went into the kitchen. “Dinner should be ready in an hour!” Yesung shook his head and started for the kitchen.

                 “Kangin, I wanna cook tonight!”

Title: Different From Before Chapter 6: A Manly Man?
Pairing: KangSung (Kangin/Yesung) Sungmin pops up in this chapter
Rating: PG-13 for swearing
Summary: Kangin and Yesung are having a nice conversation, until Sungmin comes in and asks for help.


Chapter 6: A Manly Man?


       It’s been a week since SuJu’s latest photo shoot and everything had seemed to go back to normal. Sure, sure Super Junior went on with their daily schedules, but individual beings among certain members had changed. Kangin was still completely head over heels for Yesung and well Yesung had still been getting use to the fact that he’s gay now. It didn’t bother him it’s just he wasn’t use to being this close with guys. He still did whatever Yesungs do, but now every time he saw Kangin he had to stop what he was doing and get the update, even if Kangin had only left for a quick stop to the bathroom.

            It was a slow day, Kangin had finished up with his schedule and well Yesung was off that day…again.

            “Kangin how come I’m never busy with schedules?” Kangin looked up from his plate of food and starred at Yesung intently.

            “Um, well it’s because….”

            “Yes?” Kangin snapped his fingers with a smile.

            “It’s because if we gave you any air time, all the other members would get jealous.” Yesung narrowed his eyebrows.


            “Well it’s because of your voice and your looks and ummm your personality! I mean all the girls would maul you. And none of the other members would get any attention at all.”

            “So the reason I don’t get any schedules is because I would become Idol World’s Supreme Leader?”

            “Well I wouldn’t say supreme le-“

“That does it!” Yesung slammed his fist on the table and scared the crap out of Kangin. “You must now refer to me as the Supreme Leader of the Idol World!” Yesung had one foot propped up on his chair and pointed one finger forward.

“Yesung I’m not gonna call you-“

“And Ddangkoma can be the prince and we can live in a castle and, and…” Kangin sighed; there was no way he was going to be able to pull Yesung out of one of his fantasies.

*Ding Dong~*

            Kangin looked over at the front door.

            “Hmm I don’t think we were expecting anybody.”  Kangin got up and left Yesung to be well Yesung and answered the door. Standing in the door way, to his surprise was Sungmin, only he had no smile and his eyes were blood shot.

            “Minnie are you ok?” He went to go hug is dongsaeng, but was shoved away.

            “Spare me the cute nicknames Kangin.” Kangin stood there in awe as Sungmin brushed past him and walked in. Sungmin had never called Kangin, Kangin when speaking to him directly before, it was always Hyung.

            “But he always wants to be called Minnie, and since when did he get so informal!” Kangin puffed out his cheeks and walked back to the kitchen.

            “I MOST CERTAINLY WILL NOT BE THE PRINCESS OF THE IDOL WORLD! AND SINCE WHEN ARE YOU THE RULER AND WHY IS DDANGKOMA MY HUSBAND! WHY CAN’T I BE THE MANLY HUSBAND!?” Kangin stood there in shock, he watched as Sungmin tore Yesung’s fantasy apart piece by piece. Yesung had curled up in his chair with an expression of terror on his face as, Sungmin screamed at him.


*2 minuets ago*

            “Oh Sungminnie, guess what? I am now the Supreme Leader of the Idol World. And you I guess you can be the Pretty Princess. And since Ddangkoma is the price, you and him can get married and he will be your manly husband and protect you from the Wicked Witch of the South, Heechul hyung.” Sungmin turned his head and shot daggers at Yesung.



*End of 2 minuets ago* (XD)


“Sungmin what’s your problem?! You come in here being all rude and scaring the fuck out of Yesung! What’s with you?”

            “Kangin, Heechul’s evil elves have taken over Sungminnie!” Ignoring Yesung’s comment, Kangin continued, “Well Sungmin what’s your deal?” Sungmin remained quiet. His stare was toxic; it was enough to make anyone fall to their knees, but not Kangin. Kangin stood his ground arms crossed and foot tapping knowing he was going to get an answer. They starred long and hard at each other, but when Sungmin’s lip started to quiver, Kangin knew he had won.

            “HYUNGGGGG~!” Sungmin eyes became watery and he ran to Kangin with open arms. Kangin gladly accepted Sungmin’s hug and hugged the younger man back. “I’m sorry hyung! I didn’t mean to be so mean!” Sungmin turned around and faced Yesung. “And I’ll be the pretty princess and marry Ddangkoma. I will I promise!”

            “Ok Sungminnie we believe you, now why were you acting so mean?” Sungmin walked towards the couch and sat down. He took deep breath and faced his two hyungs.

            “Well I was looking at some photos and I look too cute, vulnerable, and not at all tough. And well, I came here to seek some advice on how to be a manly man.” Kangin and Yesung stood confused as to why Sungmin was saying this, he was plenty manly enough.

            “Sungmin what are you talking about? You’re plenty tough.”

            “Hyung, that’s only off camera and that’s still barley being tough. I want to be able to show people that Lee Sungmin is not just some cute pretty boy.”

            “And so you come to me and Kangin.” Yesung walks over to Kangin and wraps an arm around Kangin’s shoulder. “Well, you’ve come to the right place, after all Kangin and I are the manliest in Super Junior.”

            “Actually…,” Sungmin’s voice trailed off. “I was hoping to get some tips from Kangin-hyung.” There was a 5 second period of silence before Yesung withdrew his arm from Kangin and shoved him off into a counter.

            “WHAT!” Sungmin grabbed a pillow for protection.

            “KIM JONGWOON YOU ARE SO DEAD…AS SOON AS MY ARM GETS FREE!” Ignoring Kangin, Yesung storms his way to Sungmin.


            “Well number one you just said totally, and well Kangin is the toughest in Super Junior. Plus you throw a hissy fit when your hair isn’t right and you have a turtle for a pet.”

            “Pfft! But I have an exercise machine in my room, I’m sexy, I drink coffee, AND I read a lot………….oh dear god I sound like a self-absorbed college student.”  Suddenly, out of no where, Kangin comes and slings Yesung over his shoulder.

            “Ok, princess Sungmin, Supreme Yesung we are going to the park!”

            “That’s Supreme LEADER to you Kim Youngwoon!”

            “Oh shut up, you’re such a nuisance.” With that the 3 men were off to the park.


*At the park*



            “Hyung, why did you need to take us to the park? Can’t you teach me how to be a manly man at your dorm? There are so many people here; I don’t want to embarrass myself.”

            “Uh Minnie if you haven’t noticed we brought Sungie with us. I’m pretty sure he’ll make sure that we get embarrassed.” The two younger boys look at the older and just nod their heads.

            “Oh shut up you fucker!”

            “YAH, watch who you call a fucker unless, you want to die right here!” Kangin and Yesung just stuck their tongues out at each other and turned the other direction.

“Uh guys can we just get on with the lessons”, Sungmin stated trying to break the tension.

“Fine, come on ya’ turtle lovin’ freak.”

“Oh now you need me! Well I don’t think I wanna come!” Kangin and Sungmin looked at each other and sighed, reciting the special words that always makes Yesung change his mind, “Oh great and noble hyung, we need you. Would you please come and shed some light on our unworthy lives.” Yesung turned his head and smirked.

“There now was that so hard?”

“Very, now let’s go to that open space over there.” Kangin lead the other males to an open area in the park, with a fairly nice amount of people around. “Alright we can start our first and only lesson here.”

“Really, you can teach me how to be a tough guy in one lesson?! You’re amazing hyung!” Kangin chuckled to himself and Yesung just rolled his eyes.

“Dear god, I’m never going to hear the end of this one.”  Kangin held out his hand and said one word, “Shirts”. Sungmin and Yesung looked at him confused.

“Uh, why?”

“Do want to learn how to be manly or not?” Sungmin and Yesung both shrugged and both took off their shirts and handed them to Kangin. “Now take your shoes and socks off.” Again both men took off their socks and shoes and kicked them aside. Soon enough all three men were standing in the park with just jeans and some accessories on.

“Kangin, I’m not gonna lie, I feel a little awkward, yet manly at the same time. Was this your genius plan, have us walk around the park practically naked?

“Sungie I’m disappointed you should know by now that my plans aren’t that simple.”

“Then what are we going to do?” Kangin just looked at the two and laughed.

“We’re going to wrestle.”

“WHAT!?” Without another word Kangin launched at Sungmin and had him slung over both his shoulders.

“What better way to show your toughness, then to show off your muscles in action?” Kangin tossed Sungmin to the ground and dove towards a shocked Yesung, tackling him to the ground.

“Oof! Why am I always on the bottom?!” Kangin starred into Yesung’s eyes and simply stated, “Cause I like it that way.” The older man felt his cheeks rise in temperature at the words and looked away.

“HYAAAAAAA!” Sungmin wrapped both his arms around Kangin’s waste and rolled over, causing the older to roll a couple feet with him. Now rising to their feet Kangin and Sungmin faced each other in a show down. But before either of them could make a move, Yesung jumped out of no where and tripped Sungmin.

“Heh don’t forget about me you two.” Kangin smirked and said, “I wouldn’t dream of it Yesung.”

For the next half hour the boys wrestled and of course drew attention, but this was their time not anyone else’s. Finally, all three boys sat in the grass sweating and out of breath. Yesung stood up and stretched his back.

“Well I’m going to got get a drink of water.” The other two nodded and watched their hyung run off to the nearest water fountain.

“Well I’m surprised Sungmin, I didn’t know you were good at wrestling.” Sungmin giggled and looked at his hyung.

“To be honest, I didn’t know I was good a wrestling either.” The both of them laughed and smiled at each other. Quieting down, Kangin took in a deep breath and laid down on his back.

“Hmmm I like coming here and just lying down like this.”

“Really, how come hyung?” Kangin smiled up at the sky and continued.

“I like to look up at the sky, especially the clouds.”

“Is that why you call Yesung, Cloud the most?” Kangin smiled and took in another deep breath.

“It could be, but really I like to look at the clouds because they change shape so quickly and I like to make stories with them. I know it’s stupid right?” Sungmin shook his head.

“Not at all hyung, I think it’s quite interesting. Something I would never guess you of doing.”

“Well I do it, because it’s a different experience. I’m alone and there’s no care, just me and the sky. It doesn’t judge me and I can wonder for hours on end.” Sungmin watched as Kangin’s eyes traced the sky. It was something Kangin actually looked peaceful doing.

“He looks so relaxed, so carefree, so gentle.”  Sungmin’s eyes trailed from Kangin’s face to his torso. He watched as his chest rose and fell in a smooth rhythm. “His chest is so well sculpted. His features are like that of a god, and he’s not a bad guy at all. Kangin-hyung is always there for the other members. He’s more like a gentle giant at heart. I wonder if there’s room in such a heart for me?”

“Sungmin-ah, are you okay?” Sungmin snapped out of his thoughts and looked at the older.

“Oh uh, I was just wondering, if I could join you in your sky gazing sometime?” Kangin looked at Sungmin and smiled.

“Sure, but not all the time, okay?”

“Okay.” Kangin got up and looked off into the distance.

“Aish where is that Yesung? It doesn’t take this long to get a drink.” As if on cue Yesung came sprinting towards Kangin and Sungmin, only he was soaking wet.

“What happened?!” Yesung came to a stop in front of Kangin. Looking up at the younger man he simply stated, “We need to leave.”

“Why what did you do?” Yesung raised a hand and scratched the back of his head.

            “Well, I uh, kind broke the water fountain.”


            “BECAUSE THE GOVERNMENT OFFICALS DON’T UNDERSTAND MY NEEDS!” Yesung grabbed Kangin’s hand and pulled along back to the car. All the while both the men’s faces were covered with the color red. Sungmin quickly grabbed all the clothing left behind and felt a little jealous having Kangin and Yesung holding hands. He ignored the feeling and trailed behind both his hyungs. It was a nice way to end the day in all of their opinions.


Acquried Taste

Title: Acquired Taste
Pairing: KangSung (Kangin/Yesung)
Length: One-shot
Rating: um like PG or PG-13 I don't know
Summary: I got inspiration from getting a French Vanilla Latt`e from Starbucks. I was in the car and I kept telling my sister that this is a required taste. And so forth this One-shot was born!